I’m Lynne Paul, and I co-founded Marble Fashions alongside Nick Williams just over a decade ago. I am Marble’s head designer and I would like to take this opportunity to invite you behind the scenes at Marble and let you see what really does make us such a unique fashion brand.

Every Marble range is 12 months in the making and design is a core competency at Marble and everything starts there. I spend the initial stages of the range creation process drawing on many diverse sources of inspiration to create garments for easy elegance coupled with comfort and quality.

We purposefully do not sell online to fully support our retailers. We also facilitate early deliveries and customers can split their deliveries as they wish meaning they always have fresh stock and we take care of storage for them. We also understand the importance of marketing, so we support our boutiques through the provision of free point of sale, along with stunning professional images, branding and text for online and offline marketing.

Multiple briefs and meetings later, after many trips, dozens of samples and days of refining each and every garment, the first full collection is delivered to HQ in Glasgow for rigorous testing by our quality control and technical team.

With a full collection of samples and as part of our total commitment to our customers, we host a series of agent briefings with our outstanding team. We like them to be fully equipped with the smallest detail of every garment, so they can provide the best service to you, our customers

Behind the Scenes


And there you have it. 12 months of seriously hard work and dedication from our fantastic team to deliver another elegant and ageless Marble range.

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