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Established in Scotland in 2008 by co-owners, designer Lynne Paul and Nick Williams, 
today Marble has grown into a major global fashion brand.


For the last eleven years, Marble has been creating ageless and stylish clothes of the highest standard. Our philosophy focuses on creating timeless pieces which will continue to be relevant years from now, whilst also fitting like a dream.


The Marble range is designed to complement and flatter women of all ages, shape, and size. The Marble woman knows her own style and the Marble range lets her stick to it season after season. We don’t believe in age-appropriate. We believe in delivering individual pieces and outfit combinations which are classic, stylish and not based on trends which will come and go.

Meticulous planning goes into carefully selecting the perfect range of vibrant colours and subtle neutrals to provide multiple solutions for capsule wardrobes, and we source the very best fabrics from the best factories, using natural materials where possible, to deliver garments of designer quality.


Marble was founded in Scotland in 2008 and our ranges are always created in Scotland. Despite being sold all over the world, our headquarters remain in Glasgow, Scotland and our commitment to quality and service remains as resolute as ever.

Why members of the public love Marble


"Really appreciate your help in finding a local boutique - everyone only had good things to say about your company!"

Eileen ​​





Between us, Nick and I have more than 60 years experience in fashion & retail. Many of those years we spent on the small boutique and retail side. We know the diverse problems which face independent retailers today and our mission at Marble is to bring you a fashion brand that not only understands but that can offer solutions and support. The result: The Marble Charter.

We do not sell direct to the public.

We have invested in a social media team to increase Marble awareness and in turn, help you sell Marble. Every single sales enquiry we receive is passed to the enquirer’s nearest Marble stockist.

You choose which items you receive and when. Want monthly deliveries? No problem – we are happy to accommodate, which in turn will help you spread payments and keep your boutique looking fresh.

Most of our range is either 100% natural fibre or a natural fibre mix.

We are renowned for colour! Come to us for colour complemented by subtle neutrals.

We supply all our customers with free point of sale relating to garments in your order.

You can also access our stunning professional photography and Marble branding to support your marketing efforts.

The Marble formula has been created to make it easier than ever to order and sell Marble! Just select your styles; select your preferred seasonal colours; finalise which items tick both boxes then choose which capsules you would like delivered when.

We have a stellar reputation for customer service - whether it’s delivery to speaking to a real person on the phone we are always here to help however we can.


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