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We are committed to increasing your sell-through.

We do not sell direct to the public nor do we sell to exclusively online retailers.

Each delivery will be accompanied with striking point of sale tailored and relevant to that portion of your order.

We provide our customers with access to our full range of stunning and eye-catching professional photography for use on your website and social media platforms.

We have invested in a social media team to increase Marble awareness and in turn help your 
sell-through. Every single sales enquiry we receive is passed to the enquirer’s closest Marble stockist.

 Most of our range is either 100% natural fibre or a natural fibre mix.

We are renowned for colour! Come to us for colour complemented by subtle neutrals.

We have a stellar reputation for customer service – whether it’s delivery to speaking to a real person on the phone, we are always here to help, however we can.

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